Tagging Tips and Tricks to More Video Views on YouTube

 tagging to more video views


Let’s be honest here. Being a YouTuber now is very hard work that’s made even harder by the fact that you’d be considered a small Youtuber by the sheer fact that you’re starting off with nothing. It’s understandable though why people want to create and share videos online. Not only is it fun to create content that people will enjoy, but if you enjoy it enough and bring in passion to your project you can even turn it into a part-time job between monetization, Ad Revenue, and even sponsorship deals. Heck, you can end up becoming an influencer in the medium depending on what you do. Look at all the Youtube personalities that are out there that make it into a job, and receive widespread acclaim!

But starting out is really the easiest part. Let’s assume that in your Youtuber career at this point that you’ve already loaded up several different videos, but you’re constantly refreshing the page to see how many people are viewing your video’s and not seeing anything. Why?

Well, first off, a lot of small Youtubers make the mistake of not tagging their video’s properly, or even at all when they’re starting out.

What’s tagging you might ask?

Tagging is a process in which you put in keywords in your video to get your video placed in the search Engine. Let’s assume you’re making a video game based youtube video (The most popular kind right now), and you’re making one based off of Massive Multiplayer RPG’s. Your tags SHOULD include such words as “Video Game”, “Massive” “RPG “Online” and so on that are all relevant to your topic.

But a good tip to use that actually can bring in more video views?

Use tags that also DESCRIBE the video. Is it informative? Put in “informative” “tell all” “news” “information” and the like in the tag. Is it funny? Put in tags such as “hilarious” “silly” “outrageous” and more. Putting in tags that not only discuss what the video topics are about, but adjectives that describe the mood or theme of the video will increase your viewership. Always make sure that they’re relevant of course to your topic, and you’ll see a massive increase in your traffic just from Search Engine searches alone.

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