Places to Get Royalty Free Music for YouTube Videos

free music for YouTube videos

So you’ve got yourself started on your YouTuber career. You’re small you’re starting to get established, and people are taking notice of your videos. That’s all well and good, and in fact, you might even be seen as an Influencer of sorts in whatever niche you’re in for your videos. But soon, you might need to step up production. You maybe want to incorporate some music into your videos and draw in, even more, notice to you.

Finding Free Music for YouTube

But woah there! You can’t just go googling “Music” and snatch any random song you think fits your theme. After all, that’s a quick way to get slapped with a lawsuit, especially if you’re monetizing your video’s and making money on them. Music that you don’t own, or have permissions to use is all copyrighted, and you can’t use it.

Where to Go

The question then becomes; Where do you go? As a small YouTuber it’s not like you have the funds to hire a professional to make your tracks for you, and even if you did that could be time-consuming. Luckily for you, there’s actually a lot of different places to go to get what you need, and all for free too!

The Sources

Here’s one such website This is probably THE best place to go and get what you need, bar none. It’s free to sign up, and no royalties are expected since all the music created is done using AI software directly on the website itself. You can create virtually any song of any type, set a different kind of parameters (including instruments, mood, length, climax, etc) and if you don’t like the way it sounds initially, you can even go through and edit with different parameters or create another track.

Once you’re done, download it, and use wherever you want. Share it even. In fact, Jukedeck music is completely revolutionizing how YouTubers make their content, since everything is done all by computers alone, and you don’t have to pay anyone a single cent. All you spend is your time crafting your musical library.

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