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Promote your local business today on YouTube video.

TuberDeal makes influencer marketing local. By connecting small businesses with local YouTube influencers, TuberDeal helps businesses increase brand awareness among targeted interest groups in their local community.

Hit the Target

By focusing on small to mid-sized businesses with relevant content and geographic proximity, TuberDeal helps small businesses get a high return on a competitive investment.

Influencer Marketing for the Little Guy

Many local brands remain aloof of YouTube marketing due to inexperience, intimidation or lack of information. TuberDeal breaks down barriers of entry for local brands wanting to tap into the YouTube market.

Influencer Marketing = Curated Audiences

YouTube creators are in the game of curating customers. Use the relationship they have already established with their audience to market your brand.

Are you a YouTuber?

Are you looking for more ideas and subscribers on your channel? You don’t need to big influencer to promote local businesses on your YouTube channel. Get ideas and profits!

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