How to Collaborate with YouTube Influencers

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With more than 5 billion video views daily, no wonder brands of all kinds want to tap into the YouTube market. But video advertisements are losing their ground as ad-blockers and impatient viewers quickly screen out unwanted content. So brands are wisely moving their message into the content people come to YouTube to see: the videos themselves. As a result, influencer marketing is becoming a healthy branch of the digital marketing discipline.

Brands and YouTube influencers are coming together like never before to increase brand awareness by reaching out to the 30 billion daily YouTube visitors through influencer channels.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you begin collaborating with influencers (or if you’re just looking for some insight into how to improve relationships with influencers).

Do your research and show some interest

People like to know they’re appreciated, including influencers. Showing influencers you are interested in them and their message—not just the size of their audience—goes a long way.

Influencers know you want to show off your brand—that’s why they’re influencers, it’s no secret to them. But you need to show the what and why of your interest in their advocacy. Just saying “We think you’d be a good fit” won’t cut it. Give them the “why.” Say “We think you’d be a good fit because of x, y and z.”

When you message or email them, make it personal. Let them know which of their videos you watched, which ones stuck out to you, and what you’re hoping to accomplish by collaborating with them.

Make sure you emphasize how you discovered the influencer in the first place. A discovery story is one of the highest compliments you can pay an influencer—it’s nice for them to know their online presence is getting large enough to be discovered, either organically through an online search or through a platform like TuberDeal that connects influencers and marketers.

Decide on a video structure

There is no one, predefined way to put your brand message out there with influencer marketing. But some of the most common video structures include:

Product placement

A common video style for vloggers, product placement is when influencers use your product or service in their everyday lives. This style is usually casual and filmed with a smartphone as a vlog, giving the video a very authentic and intimate feel.


Potential customers often turn to YouTube when looking for reviews on products. Videos from established YouTube reviewers have a lot of clout with viewers, more so than with many online written reviews that are seen as being “bought.”


Tutorials are useful for technical products and services, diving a bit deeper into some of the cooler features included in your offering.

Unboxing videos

Also a very intimate style of video, unboxing videos are a merging of a review and a tutorial, showing the experience of the influencer right from the get-go. This makes your offering look stylish and novel, and influencers love getting free stuff, so it works out nicely for everyone.

Choosing a video style will affect your choice of influencer, and vice versa.

Remember your roles

Influencers are very protective of their personal branding—cutting through the YouTube noise and building a following is no easy feat. These influencers are unlikely to relinquish creative control. And these are exactly the influencers you want to partner with, as viewers don’t tend to trust YouTubers who are quick to put out sponsored content.

You approached a specific influencer because of his or her personality, subject matter and style of video. Allowing the influencer to exercise creative control during the planning stages of the production process will yield the most authentic and engaging results.

Get out of the mindset that you can buy access to an influencer’s audience. What you really want is to tap into the creative genius that made them an influencer in the first place. If your offering is the right fit, they will know best how to incorporate your message into their video content.

Just as with any other marketing discipline, there is a learning curve to influencer marketing. Building relationships and collaborating with influencers can be challenging, especially if you’re a local business like a restaurant, salon, spa, pub, bar or gym. And you may even wonder if YouTube influencer marketing is even possible when you have a relatively small, highly targeted geographic and demographic audience.

TuberDeal helps small businesses tap into the YouTube market by connecting these brands with local influencers. By partnering with these small to mid-sized influencers, local businesses are able to build awareness in their community, putting your products and services at the forefront of customers’ minds.

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