Boost Video Views on YouTube

Boost Video Views

Let’s assume you already have a few videos on your Youtube channel, and that you’re a small Youtuber aspiring to become bigger, more popular, and even possibly monetize your passion for creating and to become an Influencer. That sounds pretty great so far, especially if you’ve learned how to upload seamlessly without error, tag your video’s with tags that will get you placed in the Search Engine, and even write out an awesome description for your video page that people want to read and peruse.

But quickly you realize that the only thing that’s stopping you in your YouTuber career is the fact that you’re not getting many views on your videos. You might have a few dozen, from wayward clicks, from showing off to friends, and even word of mouth, but nothing substantial. In fact, it might even start to look like the cost of making the videos isn’t being worth it from the viewership you’ve gained.

So then you might ask, how do you boost video views ?

The quickest and most effective way honestly is to advertise and market yourself. After all, if you don’t start selling yourself and marketing what you’re doing, how do you expect anyone to visit your videos and take you seriously as an influencer? You have to have a way to tell people after all.

Social Media presences are often the single best way to advertise and market yourself as a Youtuber. You simply create a Twitter, or a Tumblr, or a Blog, or even a Facebook page and start to tell people about yourself, making posts, engaging an audience, asking for feedback, and even taking requests. The best part is it’s often free monetarily and only costs you your time in the end. And the more your social media and online presence grow the bigger your video viewership and subscription rates will improve.

Of course, the downside of this is it might take you longer to develop and you might end up spending more time on it than your videos themselves.  But if you can perfectly balance a few hours every other day on youtube and social media, it’ll be well worth it. Especially if in the end you get good enough at it to automate it.

And honestly, there are other ways to get viewerships. But those are often poorly received, will negatively impact your viewership, or often cost you money. Marketing and Advertising yourself is the single best way to do it.

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