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Making and producing videos is never easy. Heck, it’s almost downright hard and takes a lot of different skills to develop over time. As a YouTuber, you’ve no doubt seen this first hand, since it takes more than just pointing a camera at something and shooting and then uploading. You have to worry about the editing process, post production, adjusting the audio, and making sure everything is compressed to fit Youtube standards. This is why major influencers on Youtube often end up hiring professionals to do their job for them once they start to make it big.

The Problem

But, as a small Youtuber, you’re practically left with nothing starting out. Where do you turn when everything that you need seems so expensive to use and takes a dedicated amount of time to get decent?

Fortunately, there are a lot of different cheap tools out there that were developed with the user like you in mind. Most of them free to use initially as well, with purchases only for individual parts that you need. Here are a few that have been tried, tested, and even approved by a majority of small YouTubers who have found success using them, or even established influencers who prefer them over expensive products.

Apps for Android

Apps for iOS

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